Saturday, June 11, 2005

Millionare Club

Party in a mansion?! Ha-aay! This place rocks! We went to MiliĆ³n last night, a bar in a four story mansion. Holy shit. Story goes that the kids of the original owners inherited the place and felt like partying. Thank god! Cafe on the first floor, dining room on the second, along with a bar in the living room and a DJ spinnin, and loungey lounge in all the adjoining rooms. Art everywhere. Up the winding wooden staircase again to the upper level and wander between the rooms where everyone's chillin, listening to the killer tunes. Back down stairs out to the terrace, down the giant marble steps to the back garden, through the garden to another chillout room with wierd light projections on the walls. Makes you wanna go crazy!


Blogger Goyo said...

Dude! You already are crazy... good crazy, but crazy. And I should know! But what kind of tunes do they spin at these 'crazy' parties? And the ladies... are there any cute ones at these places? Is there dancing? MORE DETAILS PLEASE!

12:35 PM  
Blogger Travelburro said...

Tunes: at this place, it was mostly ambient house shit. Good for the groove, you know. Makes ya feel all spellbound and crap. As for the women, well, you're just gonna have to get down here and see for yourself. Timeout guidebook seems fixated on the fact that Argentines love sex - especially anal sex - and love to flirt. But, as Aimee says, that's probably just an uptight british perspective coming from a country of puritans. They founded the US afterall, no? Thank god we got a bunch of Latinos there.

12:32 PM  

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