Monday, September 05, 2005

BA by night

I finally realized why this is a city by night. Its more than just the nightlife. By day the city is gray and dirty and noisy and, hell, it can be straight up ugly and harsh. There's nothing but work to be awake for during the daytime. There's not a residential building in the city that doesn't have thick, roll-down shutters over the windows to block out the insanity of daytime. All the buildings look sealed off and abandoned.

But by night, the color of the neon comes out, and the traffic dissappears and people slow down, and the shadows are wierd, and cafes and pizzerias, bookstores on Corrientes, bars and clubs and kiosks stay open until dawn. The cartoneros come in on the late-night train. Tango, nightlife, music, dinner at midnight. All of it. Something happens here when the sun goes down.


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