Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sandra Bao on Buenos Aires, Guidebook Writing & Travel

Here's a great interview with Sandra Bao in South American Explorers Magazine.

SAE: You recently finished working on the latest Lonely Planet for Buenos Aires, as well as part of the latest edition of Lonely Planet Argentina. Did you notice many changes since you were last in Argentina in 2005?

Sandra Bao: Buenos Aires (BA) has changed dramatically every time I’ve been there since the peso collapse in 2001 but especially since 2005. Tourism has rocketed sky-high - it took a few years for things to settle down enough after the crash to attract travellers, and then the good word got around. I think this stellar rise caught many porteños [locals of Buenos Aires] by surprise, but it was a pleasant one since so many have benefited from it.

Read the rest of it here.


Blogger Julie said...

It is true, after thcrisis tourism was scarce in Argentina but then, a few e took the plunge to go and the word of mouth phenomenon was put into practice. Nowadays, they receive over 100.000 tourists a year. And for example, the rent of an apartment in buenos aires has become a very good options for those who are young and want to have their own schedule. The economy is getting better with this!

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