Friday, November 21, 2008

Glacier Surfing in Alaska

I get cold surfing in Santa Cruz sometimes, so I figured Oregon? Pass - maybe when I get an H Bomb. (Right.) Then I started reading about surfing up in BC, places like Tofino, which actually doesn't look so bad in the summer at all. The views are probably a bit like Sand Dollar in Big Sur, only it's colder and rainier. Then there are places like Yakutat, Alaska. Ouch! But this has gotta take the cake:


Blogger Matt Reed said...

This may inspire me to go suitless at Stinson's for next session... then again maybe not.

What about the Lost Coast Travel Burro? I hear there are some killer spots. Get on the case...

Also check out the book "Brend to Baja" you'll dig on this...

7:55 AM  
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