Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Goddamnit, this soccer thing is driving me crazy. I know I'm just outta the loop, but I can't find a fucking schedule of games for the life of me. The tourist office doesn't know (they just tell you to contact a tour company). The guy at the Boca Juniors museum told me to check the website, which I did, to no avail. I was told to try Ticketec, but a friend told me that you can't get tickets if you're not a club member due to efforts to keep unregistered hooligans out. There's nothing online (at least that I can find), and all the guide books tell you to either go with a local fan (great, all my friends are River, not Boca fans) or contact a tour company which will pick you up and take you for the princely cost of US$35 to US$50 and the pleasure of hanging out with a tour guide. Fuck that.

The way most people get tickets is they go down to the stadium on game day and stand in line out front of that delapidated ticket shack, which I can't imagine being that harry, despite the crowd crush, mounted police and armored cars I experienced at the San Lorenzo stadium four years ago. Nah man, it's way to sketchy, the guide books say. I just don't believe it can be that sketchy. You're in town for a day, there's a game on and you wanna go on your own. Why not? I'm calling the stadium tomorrow to find out the next game and I'm going down to La Boca in a taxi and I'm gonna get in line. I wonder if Aimee will be game. We won't even sit in the populares (which was two hours of total insanity at San Lorenzo), we'll get platea. Uuuh, I'll keep ya posted.


Blogger Cal Santos said...

dude; you need to find a bar that the teams supporters go to religiously. they'll be all over town.

go get drunk with the folk there, they'll dial you in.......

9:27 AM  

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