Friday, September 09, 2005

Danny, Greg and Aimee meet the Polyester Towel Midnight Watchman

Polyester towels don't work. They just spread the water around your body. But we're staying at the cheapest hotel in town so that's what we get.

I had to wipe with my hand yesterday because there wasn't any toilet paper. Danny, pay attention to these things before you get down to business! Worst part was, there was no soap in the bathroom either.

I dragged the mattress out of Aimee's and my room and snuck it over to Greg because his bed was so hilarously lumpy and beaten to a pulp that I can't believe he agreed to the hotel. But the second mattress worked wonders. As did the drinks.

The old night manager walked us to our room with a flashlight at 2am and shined it on the keyhole so we could open our door.

I got zapped this morning trying to make the electric shower work.

I tortured myself trying to stifle my fits of laughter in the back of a cop car yesterday. Aimee was between us, and Greg could barely fit. But they gave us a ride anyway. I just couldn't stop laughing when they stopped the car to listen to the guy who called them about the robbery. The three of us crammed into the back of the car, knowing that the cops had just wandered around the zoo taking pictures with their cell phones instead of responding to the call, was making me hysterical.

It's great to be out of Buenos Aires.


Blogger Goyo said...

yeah... not sure about the Morracan custom of wiping your ass with your hand. might want to bite the bullet next time and lose a t-shirt or some shit like that, you know?

and that bed was totally ACHINĀ“- woke up this morning and it felt like i was in a banana hammock - damn BRO! what was i thinkin?!

ditto on the towels....

7:01 AM  

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