Saturday, October 28, 2006

Donkey races and greasy carnitas

I got chased (or raced) by a donkey yesterday. I think his name was Einstein. Someone told me about him the day before.

Today I drove the worst rode I've ever been on in my life. I was begging my car not to overheat. Begging the canyon walls not to fall in on me. Begging what was left of the road to hold. Begging my car to make it over the rocks that washed down the mountainside in the storm three days ago.

Around 1pm I ate the sickest lunch I've eaten in a long time (not counting the disgustingly greasy torta de carne asada the fat man in Cabo made me). Today it was carnitas fried in a vat of old black oil on the side of the road and served with a plate of fly-covered onions. Tonight I'm treating myself to an unhurried and properly prepared meal.

Last night I had a frog in my room. It made me feel safe. I like frogs a lot. Frogs and ospreys are both good signs.

Someone hit my car sometime in the last few days and dented in my front bumper. Bastard.

I lost my voice recorder that I'd purchased for interviews but used mostly for thoughts while driving. Oh well. I wonder who's listening to it now. How strange what they'll hear, if they can even understand it. Random thoughts at 60 miles an hour.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are the photo's of Einstien??

6:11 PM  
Blogger fiorella said...

I'm so sorry I read that third paragraph. I think I'm going to throw up again.

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you know that Donkey wasn't a Burro and in fact The Burro?

9:45 PM  
Blogger Travelburro said...

I know that it wasn't The Burro because The Burro would have jumped the fence and taken me out entirely.

Fiorella, don't do it again! Hang in there!

3:56 PM  
Blogger Jos said...

Holy cow!

6:32 PM  

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