Friday, May 20, 2005

Bad Relationships

So, what if someone's telling you every fucking day that you'd better be careful. That you're inept. Don't get off the bus until it gets right up to the curb. Don't too get close to that edge, you might fall. Careful with that coffee, stupid, it's hot. Don't cross there, you'll get hit by a car. You're inept!

You know you can take care of yourself. You know you ain't dumb. But after the years, that shit starts to sink in, get under your skin, soak into your subconcious. You don't even hear it anymore. White noise. A leech at the base of your spine, growing.

Then you finally break it off. And the air comes creeping back in. You can breathe! There you are!

It's kinda like leavin' the States.


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