Monday, September 19, 2005

Don't gimme no so-so-soda

I swore I'd never fly Taca again, and what do I get for forgetting? A four hour delay in Lima and The Bad News Bears for the planeride flick. Shit. Thank god for INKA KOLA.

Lonely Planet recently conducted an author survey to see which of its authors had been to the most countries. "Being" in a country meant leaving the airport. In other words, spending four hours in the Lima airport doesn't count as "going to Peru." Fair enough. No passport stamp, no nothing. Just the airport.

But goddamnit, I feel like I went to Peru after today. I mean, where else in the world can I drink neon-yellow, bubblegum flavored soda pop named after great American indians and suck on coca candy? Coca candy! Right there on the airport counter! "Fights altitude sickness. Energizes." I'll take three of those packets of candy please.


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