Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Burrobag Item No. 2 (with variations)

The Bic Lighter Duct Tape Roll

This is hands down one of the handiest items to have when traveling. I've included it on every Don't-Forget checklist in every guidebook I've written (so if you've seen it elsewhere, now you know its origin!).

Basically, you want to create a mini roll of duct tap - never travel without it - by wrapping it around a Bic lighter, which gives you two tools in one: lighter and tape. The lighter is the perfect holder for the tape and, with the tape wrapped around the lighter, you'll never put the lighter in your pocket only to have someone pilfer it after asking you for a light (a threat when visiting stoner-friendly places like Zipolite or Moñtanita). So you'll never lose the lighter - or the tape. It's always in the the gear bag when you need it.

Gaff Tape Variation - this one comes courtesy of photographer/videographer Steele Douglas, who chooses black gaffers tape (available at any photo/vid supply site) over duct tape. Gaffers tape is pricier, but the stuff is extremely adhesive, even stickier than duct tape. Plus the black looks cool!

Pencil Variation - If you just can't see yourself needing a lighter that much (I have to admit, I use the lighter less now that I don't smoke), wrap it around a pencil that you've shortened to about three inches. Then you'll always have something to write with in case of emergency (you know, like when you have to write down the vitals of your buddy when he's spinning out after crashing that dirt bike or falling out of a tree). That said, having fire in the bag is always reassuring, so I'm not sure if this beats the Bic variation.

Maglite Soltaire Variation - This is another good one, arguably even handier than the Bic variation. But you have to use the Maglite Soltaire, not the Mini Mag, which is too big. Besides, you've already got your headlamp in the bag, so there's no point in having another big flashlight (when you're backpacking, even the Mini Mag is big). The Soltaire is in there in case of emergency. Problem: you still gotta throw some sort of fire source into the bag. Solution: matches.


Blogger Goyo said...

quick note on gaffer's tape: it's cloth-based, reusable, won't peel paint when stuck to the wall like duct tape and can withstand heat. its intended purpose is to work with hot lights in the film and photo biz.

one street photo trick I learned long ago is to cut small uniform pieces of gaffers tape to cover up your Canon or Nikon logo on your camera, along with the model number. this usually works better on black-body cameras can be applied to work on all colors. it takes your new fancy 'rob me this camera is expensive' camera and dumbs it down into a simple black camera with no flashy white logos to attract attention, especially when on the road or shooting in the street in your own home town, especially for those of us that live in dangerous urban cities like Buenos Aires and OAKLAND!

when you're ready to sell your camera and move on up to the next model the tape pulls cleanly away and whatever residual backing glue might be left washes right off, UNLIKE the duct tape. gaffers tape comes in many sizes and widths. it's true that a roll might cost upwards of $20 BUT IMHO it's worth every extra cent.

i also like to put the gaffers tape around a small mag light IN ADDITION to my headlamp in case one is lost or damaged OR you need a light source away from your head, like emergency road-side repairs or for getting into hard to reach spots. VAMANOS BURRO!

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