Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bus Plunge

The eleven-year-old kid who jumped behind the wheel and stopped his runaway schoolbus from careening out of control (here) got me thinking about bad bus stories. And that, of course, got me thinking about ... BUS PLUNGE.

As a pat on the back for the cool-headed kid (nice work buddy!), and in memory of all those who have died in bus accidents, here's a little tribute to bus plunge, the media's favorite story:

The clearing house for Bus Plunge stories is, of course, Bus Plunge!, complete with a bus plunge archive, near-plunge experiences and it's headlining "Plunge of the Month".

According to Wikipedia, "Bus plunge stories are a journalism phenomenon of reporting passenger bus mishaps in short articles that invariably describe the bus as "plunging" from a bridge or hillside road." Read more here.

Find out "what killed the former New York Times staple" in this piece on Slate: The Rise and Fall of the 'Bus Plunge' Story.

Although it's possible you'd rather plunge off a Guatemalan cliff in a school bus before listening to the entire two minutes and 38 seconds of The Bob's Bus Plunge, you can get a free taste of it here.

This is interesting: Punch "bus plunge" into Google Maps (USA) and you get several Greyhound bus stations and a couple of travel agencies, all west of Dallas. OK. Another good reason to live on the West Coast.


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