Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's all good

So far so good. Met two Germans whose boat sunk in the Galapagos last week, and the sixteen passengers and nine crew only lived because they all happend to be on deck. A wave smashed the boat and it sunk instantly.

Poured through some trip reports left by travelers, and one of my favorites was: "This guy gave me three cookies on the bus and I woke up three days later and all my stuff was gone!" My second favorite was, "ok, it might sound funny to get mugged by transvestites, but it's not."

Yes, the Mariscal neighborhood is as safe as ever. Supposedly there are gangs of Nigerians who mug people regularly and all live in the same house and the cops turn a blind eye. Now, cummon, is that really true? Or is it the Colombians? Or is it...

Oh here's another good one: "I took out money at the ATM at three in the morning and I got robbed!" Noooo, ya don't say! Oh yeah, then the guy who – fuck me! – got robbed and taken for three thousand dollars in cash. Goddam, I hate it when I'm carrying three luca in a dangerous neighborhood and get rolled!

I love people.


Blogger fiorella said...

Wow our two last posts were sure different, ha ha.

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