Saturday, October 01, 2005

Bus Race

Today we got in a three-way bus race coming out of the toll booth on the road to Ambato. It was fucking hilarious! Three buses side by side, all full, and we hit it full blast toward the two lane road (complete with right curve) ahead.

It was tight outta the booths, but then the bus to our left lagged and I saw the driver and ticket taker busting up. The red bus on our right was half a bus-length ahead of us, and our driver nailed it and we passed him going up the hill. Aimee and I gave the victory fists-up at the other driver as we passed him and he responded with the good ol' three-honk toot and a flash with the brights.

Of course, right after we passed the other buses, to passengers yelled for a stop and the other buses flew past us honking.

That was our second bus ride today. The first was a hairball decent from Sigchos in fog so thick no one could see and the rocks were so slick and muddy that we thought fer sure it was the end.

Ecuadorian bus drivers are the most skilled drivers in the world. They're fucking lunatics, but they definitely know how to move a thirty foot rig around.


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