Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Almond oil stinks

Alright, I don't know, but does a "full body" massage mean the guy's supposed to brush my johnson ten times in the process? I mean, I've never had a full body cleansing massage include the stomache, so that was a new one for me too. But he kept rubbing my abdomen and brushing my pecker with the back of his hand. I mean what the fuck? No big deal, but something seems odd. It's a hippy town, after all, but c'mon!

And now I stink like goddamn almond oil, my hair's oily and all I wanna do is take a shower. So we get back to our hotel, forty-five minutes away by shared taxi, and I go into the shared bathroom, and the electric shower head works for thirty seconds. Just enough to lather up my arms before the water goes freezing cold. Painfully cold. So I get the soap off but still stink like almond oil and I gotta deal the rest of the night. Damnit, we need to get a better hotel.


Blogger Goyo said...

in some countries they would actually call that a 'deluxe' massage... with all those fancy oils and shit.

11:49 PM  
Blogger El Gallo Loco said...

Remember that happened to me at the Phoenecian

3:42 PM  

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